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Un large choix de matériel

Pour plus de liberté et de flexibilité

Whereas most Cloud Communications providers impose the utilization of a very small set of equipment, ALLOcloud sees multi-vendor support as a key differentiator to bring more flexibility and freedom to our Customers and Partners.

Every time we add new devices (hardware or software), not only do we thoroughly test its SIP compatibility, but we also make sure that it is auto-provisioned as well as possible in order to facilitate installation with our Business Telephony platform.

Manufacturers that have been successfully tested with the ALLOcloud services:

Business Telephony

ALLOcloud Yealink       ALLOcloud Panasonic   ALLOcloud Grandstream     ALLOcloud Gigaset   ALLOcloud 2NZoiper  Counter Path


SIP Trunking

Proximus Forum   ALLOcloud Panasonic   ALLOcloud Siemens HiPath   ALLOcloud Unify   ALLOcloud Asterisk   ALLOcloud FreePBX


Web Meeting

ALLOcloud Aver   ALLOcloud Logitech


This list is in constant evolution. If you want your devices to be added, feel free to contact us. We will first evaluate whether it fits our customers needs. If so, we will jointly define a technical evaluation and integration plan.