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CounterPath - Bria

A winning combination

ALLOcloud and CounterPath have been entertaining a strategic partnership for a while. The combination of ALLOcloud (Cloud telephony platform) + Bria (Softphones) and the fact that both engineer teams are working hand-in-hand aims at offering the best possible Business Telephony solution on the market.


Benefits for Bria Users

  • Inter-operability: listed models work perfectly with ALLOcloud with their native firmware
  • Zero-touch provisioning: no configuration is required on the device itself. Un-box your device, plug it to the network and it will receive automatically its credentials and configuration from ALLOcloud. This makes installation very easy and fast
  • Sourcing: products can be sourced from ALLOcloud or from your usual source (in which case a one-shot provisioning fee will be invoiced by ALLOcloud. See price list for details)


  • Bria for Desktop
  • Bria for Android
  • Bria for iOS
Counter Path - Bria  ALLOcloud