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Expand your business. Amplify your brand. Grow your expertise.

Become a Partner

If you are looking to expand your offering and develop your expertise in Cloud Telephony, becoming our Partner is your best bet! Whether you specialize in telecommunications, collaboration tools or IT services and want to grow your business, we're here to help.

Sectors we welcome:

  • Information technology and services
  • Computer services
  • Consultants
  • Telecom integrators
  • Software and system integrators
  • Security
  • Print
  • Service desk
  • Infrastructure
  • and more


Choose a program

Pick a program that suits you. Choose between Dealer, Reseller and Service Provider. We do the rest.


  Dealer Reseller Service Provider
Sales Yes Yes Yes
Installation Yes Yes Yes
First line support Dealer Reseller Service Provider or its Partners
Second line support Telavox Telavox Service Provider
Receive leads Yes No No
Training Yes Yes Yes
End-Customers Invoicing Telavox Reseller Service Provider or its Partners
Branding Telavox Whitelabel Whitelabel
Traffic Telavox Telavox Bring your own traffic
Packaging Telavox Telavox Make your own
  Become a Dealer Become a Reseller Become a Service Provider


Why choose ALLOcloud?

Your best shot of growing your company.

With over 14 years of experience in telephony and cloud collaboration tools, ALLOcloud is the best solution for you. Let our experts and support guide you through the process and enjoy exceptional margins, whether one-time (installation, hardware and related services) or recurring (non-related services).

80% of our business is done by our Partners, making them our most important lifeblood. We take care of all our Partners and maintain them, always keeping them in direct contact, if necessary.

  • Easy selling: very interesting value proposition for the end user, efficient sales tools for the Partners. Sales can be made with a single visit or remotely.
  • Easy installation: simplified configuration through our portal, plug&play installation.
  • Efficient support: support is mainly done remotely. Second level support for our Partners.  
  • Simplified invoicing: tools allow you to facilitate the invoicing of your customers or we take care of it ourselves. 
  • Exceptional margin: immediate (installation, material and related services) and recurring (for non related services).
  • Incremental sales: our services open the door to our Partners for additional sales of services (support contract, integration) and products (Internet connection, router, switch).



Our onboarding program

We'll give you the knowledge, skills and guide you through the process to help grow your business.

Become a Partner

Gain knowledge on everything needed to achieve your goals and expand your expertise. Learn all about UCaaS, how to gain competitive advantages and add services that drives your business.

We provide you with the skills and tools necessary for you to grow your business. Skills include value-added sales, service and support, and joint strategic account planning. Marketing materials, product training, easy billing, technical support - all at your disposal.

Get support throughout the entire process. A dedicated Partner Manager will provide you with all the information and support you need. We can also join in initial calls, product demonstrations and conversations and coach you on our best practices. Or simply be available for technical questions.


Become a Partner

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