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Accelerate your growth, expand your offerings and build expertise. All by becoming an ALLOcloud Certified Partner.

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If you are looking to expand your offerings and build expertise in cloud telephony, becoming our Partner is your best shot. Whether your expertise is telecommunications, collaboration tools or IT services - if you want to grow your business, we are here to help.

With 14+ years of experience in cloud telephony and collaboration tools, ALLOcloud is your best way to go. Have access to experts and support to guide you throughout the process and receive outstanding margin from one-shot (from installation, hardware and bound services) and recurring (from unbound services).

80% of our business is done by our Partners, making them our most important factor of existing. We take care and nurture all Partners, always keeping them in direct contact, if needed.

Sectors we welcome:

  • Information technology and services
  • Computer services
  • Consultants
  • Telecom integrators
  • Software and system integrators
  • Security
  • Print
  • Service desk
  • Infrastructure
  • and more

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About you

Are you the perfect fit?

The digital transformation has changed how and where we communicate. Companies need a reliable UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) solution that brings together their different channels and communication services to keep up with future demands. ALLOcloud provides the Telavox UCaaS solution that unites corporate telephony, PBX, instant messaging, virtual meetings, and contact center in a straightforward application. 

We are always looking for exciting collaborations and partnerships to build a solid foundation to grow together. This is where you enter the picture.

Our Dealer program is for value-added resellers in the telecoms, IT, print, service desk, infrastructure, security and more looking to expand their offer with a scalable and flexible UCaaS solution. You are always looking for new ways to enhance your business with smart, inventive tools.

You might be offering customers a cloud PBX solution, but are not 100% satisfied with the choice. Or, you still offer on-premise PBX systems only, frustrated by high running costs, poor flexibility, and a limited feature set. Yet, you might be reluctant to upgrade your customers because it’s not yet reached the end of its life cycle.


Key benefits

Advantages to get you to the next level.


Attractive commissions & margins
Earn a generous and upfront commission for all the plans your client purchases. If they add more users or upgrade their plan, you'll be compensated for that as well. Have steady revenue streams while giving end users value for their money. Receive outstanding margin: one-shot (from installation, hardware and bound services) and recurring (from unbound services).

No billing surprises
We offer a business model that is fit for purpose. There is no upfront costs and no cost for billing. We manage the monthly billing for you. Easy, right?

Scale your business
Earn access to more benefits as your practice grows. Leverage our tools and get a demo environment, sales and marketing material, and case studies.

Easy pricing and packaging
We use flexible licenses - instead of subscriptions - that include everything you need. No expensive add-ons nor hidden costs. Transparent packaging from day one. This makes life easier for you and your customers.

A complete self-provisioning portal allows you to get customers live within hours. Support hours will decrease but not the support revenue.

Proprietary tech
Our platform is a proprietary platform that is developed in-house and supported by over 90 developers, unlike other vendors who simply add a layer on someone else's tech and have little ability to innovate. This gives us the power to constantly innovate our own product. As features and integrations are regularly released or updated, your customers benefit from an always up-to-date platform, without additional costs or long waiting times.

In-app purchases for the customer
Customers purchase add-ons in the app, all on their won. That way, you as a Dealer can make money in your sleep!

Amplify your brand
You receive marketing materials in the form of images, brochures, product sheets, mailings and posts for your social networks. Get opportunities to participate in our blog, webinars and events.



Our onboarding program

We'll give you the knowledge, skills and guide you through the process to help grow your business.

Become a Partner

Gain knowledge on all things necessary to reach your goals and broaden your expertise. Learn all about UCaaS, how to gain competitive advantages and add business-boosting services.

We provide you with the necessary skills and tools to grow your business. Skill elements include value selling, service and support, and joint strategic account planning. Marketing material, product training, easy invoicing, technical support - all at your disposal.

Receive support all throughout the process. A dedicated Partner Manager will provide any information and support. We can also join the first calls, product demonstrations and conversations and coach you on our best practices. Or just be available for technical questions.



Top-class Partner support

As one of our Dealers, you get a personal Partner Sales Manager and 
technical support.

Helping you along the way
If you want, we can be part of your first conversations and demonstrations to help you along the way. Or we can just be there to answer technical questions. After a sales call, your Partner Sales Manager is there to support you in designing the business.

2nd line - always ready with ultra-fast response time
As a Dealer, you are the one who owns the customer contact. You are the one who sells, provides support, and negotiates new agreements. We own the agreement with the customer and are responsible for 1st and 2nd line support when you need any help. In surveys with Dealers, the Partner support is always highly appreciated and scored with top grades.



Frequently asked questions

The biggest and most common questions about being a Dealer - answered.


How long does it take to be fully sales-ready as a new Dealer?
Your ALLOcloud Certified Dealer journey starts as soon as we have agreed on a partnership. Training takes up to 2 weeks and covers both commercial and technical aspects of selling and understanding the product. 

Is there support for Dealer's end-customers?
As a Dealer we offer you first and second line support.

Can you get marketing support towards end-customers?
Marketing material is available for use for each Dealer. Content for your website and social media, videos, pre-made phrases and leaflets are all at your disposal.

Is the solution applicable for both small and big sized companies?
Our solution works very well for both small and big sized companies. With our services being scalable, you can still provide when your client's companies grows.


Sparked your interest? Become a Dealer today.

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