Business Telephony

Advanced Telephony in the Cloud

ALLOcloud Business Telephony replaces your local PBX and traditional phone lines with VoIP to save costs. Our Cloud IPBX service includes advanced features to improve the productivity of your employees and the contact with your business partners.

Business Telephony

Up to 80% cost savings
  • No upfront investments, no maintenance fee
  • No more ISDN subscriptions
  • Cheaper tarrifs
  • Flexible pay-as-you-use model
Satisfied customers
  • Fast and convenient communication for contacts: one number, personalised voice mail, etc
  • More simultaneous calls
Increased productivity
  • Full mobility
  • Rich telephony features such as call forwarding, interactive reception menu, etc
  • Integration with Office 365, Google Apps and many CRM or ERP systems
For who ?

ALLOcloud Business Telephony addresses any organization that wants to save up to 80% without having to invest in expensive equipment.

We offer advanced telephony solutions for small businesses with one user up to large enterprises with thousands of users. 

  • Advanced telephony: call diversion, call forwarding, groups, call pickup, welcome message ("Welcome to Johnson Inc"), music on hold, viewing extensions of your colleagues, second call etc.
  • Custom Voicemail: "Hi, this is Marc, I'm unavailable for now. Thank you for leaving me a message." The message is emailed to you immediately.
  • Virtual Fax: incoming faxes are converted into pdf and forwarded by email. Outgoing faxes can be sent from the user portal.
  • Conference call: internal and external calls with specific conference number and PIN security. Announcement of incoming and outgoing conference call members.
  • Video Calls: receive video calls from the office door-phone on your phone, computer or tablet, whether you are in the office or on-the-move.
  • One number: communicate a single fixed number to your contacts. ALLOcloud sends your calls to your landline, mobile phone, softphone or voice mail, depending on your availability and preferences.
  • Softphone: install a softphone on your computer, tablet or smartphone and communicate with your contacts from all your devices.
  • International Numbers: take international numbers (+33, +1, +44 etc.) so that your contacts can call you on a local number. Calls to these numbers are free to you.

Business Telephony Pricing


Configuring a simple user callflow: video

Configuring a company callflow: video

Flyers: NL and FR

Frequently asked questions

Can I terminate my ISDN subscriptions immediately?

You can terminate your ISDN subscriptions with your actual telephony provider as soon as all numbers have been ported to ALLOcloud. In general this takes about 10 days and in the meantime your ALLOcloud partner or service engineer will configure your telephony set-up and infrastructure.

How can I order additional devices and numbers?

To order additional devices and numbers, please contact your ALLOcloud integration partner or account manager.

Can I keep my existing numbers?

Yes. Your numbers will be ported from your existing telephony provider to ALLOcloud. After the portation of your number you will benefit up to 80% cost savings on your call traffic.

In which countries can I get an international number for my contacts abroad to reach me? (+1, +33,...)?

Your international contacts can call you on a local number (+1, +33, +44, ...). We offer international numbers in over 60 countries.

What functions can I manage in my personal portal?

Your personal portal has many functions. Depending on your user access rights, you can manage call forwarding, customized voice mail messages and many more advanced telephony services. In the portal you have access to call details and your personal virtual fax.

Can I move my device from one place to another?

Because your set-up is managed in the cloud it is possible to move your device from one place to another without any impact on the configuration.

Your number can be linked to multiple devices which all support login/logout functionality. If you receive a call, every device on which you're logged in, will ring.