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Economical communications for your existing IPBX

General Info
General Info

Smart SIP Trunking

ALLOcloud SIP Trunking brings IP telephony straight to your existing IPBX to save costs and offer more flexibility. This service also gives you access to a wide range of telephony features (Calendar, Menu, Group, etc.).

ALLOcloud SIP Trunking addresses any organization that wants to save up to 80% on telephony costs while consolidating national and/or international numbers for a better customer satisfaction.

SIP Trunking ALLOcloud
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 Benefits of Smart SIP Trunking

  • 100% replacement of your ISDN lines
  • National and International numbers on any location
  • Easy number portation
  • Smart and advanced features
  • Compatible with most SIP IPBX
  • Portal for management and call history

Optimize your Microsoft Teams

While Teams allows you to easily collaborate with your colleagues in Office 365, ALLOcloud allows you to integrate a powerful and fully compatible telephony system. Thanks to Microsoft's direct routing, you can connect your local telephony infrastructure to Microsoft Teams using the "phone system" option.

ALLOcloud, professional telephony operator in the Cloud, has adapted its telephony offer specially for Teams users at a very advantageous price. Thanks to ALLOcloud, Teams users can now call and be called by their employees, customers or partners.

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Your advantages
Up to 80% cost savings
  • No more ISDN subscriptions
  • Cheaper tarrifs
  • International numbers
Easy to manage
  • Smooth number portation
  • Available in minutes
  • Powerful reporting portal
  • Out of zone numbers
Excellent reliability
  • Carrier grade infrastructure
  • 24/7 support
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Why choose ALLOcloud?

As an expert in Smart SIP Trunking, ALLOcloud supports thousands of organizations of all sizes. ALLOcloud's teams strive to understand their customers in order to satisfy their needs to the maximum. In particular, intelligent functionalities are added to make life easier for your employees and increase their productivity at work.


ALLOcloud's Smart SIP Trunking service allows you to add smart and advanced telephony features.

Smart features


Manage your presence by connecting your internal or external iCal online calendar (Google Calendar, Office 365, etc.) with your telephony. For example, enter your opening and closing hours and redirect your calls accordingly.


Also called Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Redirection of incoming calls to the right person: “To reach the sales department, press 1; To reach customer support, press 2 etc." 

Fax in

Convert an incoming fax to .pdf and send it to you by email.


Grouping of different people in one or more call groups (for example the Administration group or the Sales group, etc.). If a customer calls this group, all the phones of the people in that group will ring.


possibility of directing incoming calls to different scenarios according to specific conditions (for example: caller's number, caller's company, external data - CRM, ERP, ticketing).

Advanced features

Contact Sync

Synchronization of all Cloud business software contacts (e.g., Exact Online, Salesforce, Teamleader...) in a dedicated directory in the ALLOcloud platform.

Click to Call

transformation of any phone number on a web page into a clickable link. When you click on such a number, your phone will automatically call the number you clicked on.

Call notification

notification that appears on your PC (name of caller, number, company name, etc.) when a call comes in.

We are available
in the following countries

  • Austria
  • Luxembourg
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Denmark
  • Spain
  • France
  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom
  • Italy

We can also provide you with numbers in more than 60 countries.

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Resources & FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I terminate my ISDN subscriptions immediately?

You can terminate your ISDN subscriptions with your actual telephony provider as soon as all numbers have been ported to ALLOcloud. In general this takes about 10 days and in the meantime your ALLOcloud partner or service engineer will configure your telephony set-up and infrastructure.

How can I order additional devices and numbers?

To order additional devices and numbers, please contact your ALLOcloud integration partner or account manager.

Can I keep my existing numbers?

Yes. Your numbers will be ported from your existing telephony provider to ALLOcloud. After the portation of your number you will benefit up to 80% cost savings on your call traffic.

Do I need to change my existing telephony infrastructure?

Next to cost reduction, the main advantage of SIP Trunking is that you do not need to change your existing infrastructure. We guarantee a smooth transition without any impact on your users.

In which countries can I get an international number for my contacts abroad to reach me? (+1, +33,...)?

Your international contacts can call you on a local number (+1, +33, +44, ...). We offer international numbers in over 60 countries.