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Advanced Integrations

Open an account directly on a Cloud Integration platform that supports the Phone Connector and enter the appropriate parameters and API keys. Your Cloud Telephony platform is now connected to your Cloud Integration platform. You can now use the Data Flow editor to visually develop your own custom integrations.

​On the Cloud Telephony Platform, you can add events in a Call Flow that trigger Data Flows. Results of the Data Flows can be used in the Call Flow to do intelligent call routing.

Example 1: you want to give priority treatment to your VIP customers when they call for support. When a call comes in, the Call Flow sends an event to a Data Flow that checks in your CRM if the customer has a VIP status or not. Depending on the returned value, the Call Flow will route the call to a VIP support group or to the regular support.


Capture Phone Connector.PNG


Example 2: you run an advertising campaign in a newspaper and want to know how many associated calls come in. Use a dedicated phone number, place an event in this number’s call flow that triggers a “goal” event in your Google Analytics and adds the phone number to a Google spreadsheet.

Example 3: you want to restrict access to your support to customers who don’t have due invoices.  When a call comes in, the Call Flow sends an event to a Data Flow to check in your CRM which customer is calling. The same Data Flow then does a query into your invoicing application to see if the customer has open invoice. The result is returned to the Call Flow that routes the call to support if no invoices are due and to bookkeeping if there are unpaid invoices.


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