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Convenient Virtual Meeting Rooms

ALLOcloud Web Meeting replaces expensive travel time with convenient virtual meeting rooms. It is fully secured and includes advanced features for easy collaboration with all your business partners, co-workers and home workers.

All you need is your web browser! 

Our Flex Room contains all types of Meeting Rooms (see the "Features" tab) for a price of € 25 per month excluding VAT.

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  • No more travel. You only need a computer or portable device and an internet connection to meet whenever and wherever you want.
  • Invite business partners and co-workers by email. They only need to click on a link to enter the virtual meeting room.
  • We offer the latest text, audio and video chat technology that allows clear voice and video communication.
Fully secured
  • Encrypted to protect your data.
  • Located in Europe for more privacy.
  • Bullet-proof confidentiality with Secret Room service.
Hassle free
  • Our latest browser based WebRTC technology for qualitative video/audio conferencing and screen sharing.
  • .No software installation. Browser based sharing of presentations, agenda's, notes and even white boards.
  • Compatible with Windows, OSx, Linux, and most common browsers.
For who ?

The ALLOcloud Web Meeting service offers a secured and convenient virtual meeting room to organisations that want to improve productivity and collaboration between business partners, co-workers and home workers.

This can be done via audio and video conferencing, by giving online slideshow presentations, using whiteboards and by sharing documents, agendas, chats and notes. 

You can invite your business partners and co-workers in just a few seconds. Because our solution is fully web based, your partners only need a computer and an internet connection.

This service is available worldwide.




ALLOcloud Web Meeting

Meeting Room

Secret Room

Board Room


Maximum # participants 5  5 10 100 + 3*
Audio/Video/Chat Yes  Yes Yes Yes
Whiteboard/Screensharing/Documents Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shared and private meeting minutes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Recording No No Yes Yes
Off-the-Record (peer-2-peer/advanced encryption) No Yes No No
Customer Branded Room Yes Yes Yes Yes

* 50 students + 3 teachers


Our "Flex Room" costs € 25 excl. VAT per month. It includes the Meeting Room, the Board Room, the Secret Room and the Webinar.

The number of meetings and organizers is unlimited. However, you can only have one meeting at a time.

For example: if you want to have 3 meetings at the same time, you will need 3 "Flex Room", therefore € 75 per month. If you want to have 3 meetings on the same day but at different times, a single "Flex Room" will be enough.


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Frequently asked questions

How is Web Collaboration secured?

We take in-depth precautions to maintain privacy. All communication between your browser and the Web Collaboration servers use 256-bit TLS encryption. This is the same technology used by online banks and shopping sites. We don't serve data from other servers than our own. Audio and video conversation is entirely encrypted by the DTLS-SRTP standard. We hash every password in our database with individual salt.

How do I use Web Collaboration?

Using Web Collaboration is simplicity itself. Once you have your trial account set up all you need to do is log in to your account and schedule a meeting from the link at the top of the site. The system will create a unique meeting link at this point for you to send to all your meeting participants.

When your meeting participants click on their links the meeting starts in their browsers and you will see them appear in the collaboration screen.

Most of the screen is devoted to the collaboration area where you can view documents and presentations, scribble on the whiteboard or add notes and chat.

When you decide to end the meeting you can download your documents and notes.

What is included in the free trial account?

Signing up to the trial account will give you two weeks to try out the full service. There are no feature restrictions whatsoever and essentially you are able to start using the service immediately.

After your two week trial is over, you can simply convert your trial account to one of our price plans.