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Embedded Integrations

Connect all your systems to our UCaaS platform and streamline your workflows.

IntegrationsStreamline daily tasks.
Save time. Increase productivity.

Make tracking calls and activity simple and easy with our CRM integration, compatible with many platforms allowing your staff to save time so they are more efficient.

By integrating our Unified Communications platform with your business software (CRM/ERP/Ticketing), you can improve the efficiency of your employees and allow them to focus on the customer instead of switching between tools. Get all the information and phone features you need in your business software and minimize distractions. Streamline your daily tasks, increase your team's productivity and save time.

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Key features

Embedded softphone
All your Unified Communications features within your CRM (place, receive & transfer calls, chat, etc).

Contact lookup & history
For both incoming and outgoing calls, all relevant CRM contact information is presented in a pop-up. View the contact’s call and case history, listen to recorded calls and voicemails, as well as navigate to the contact card with a single click. 

One-click creation
Create a new contact, lead or account for a previously unknown caller with only one click.

Easy queue management
Manage availability and queue membership. View live queue statistics, monitor current queue calls and view queue call history.




IntegrationsKey benefits

Delight your customers
Display essential customer information before an interaction even begins, enabling a personalized and well-informed customer interaction.

Empower your agents
Let the platform automatically fill-in call-related information and offload agents from repetitive and frustrating tasks.

Streamline your work
Agents no longer need to switch between applications during an interaction, saving time but also maintaining their focus on what matters the most: your customer.





Don't switch back and forth, integrate instead.

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Take a look at how to install and use a CRM integration with our service. This example shows the integration with Freshdesk.