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ALLOcloud & Microsoft Teams

Allocloud & Teams

Optimize your Microsoft Teams with ALLOcloud

While Teams allows you to easily collaborate with your colleagues in Office 365, ALLOcloud allows you to integrate a powerful and fully compatible telephony system. Thanks to Microsoft's direct routing, you can connect your local telephony infrastructure to Microsoft Teams using the "phone system" option.

ALLOcloud, professional telephony operator in the Cloud, has adapted its telephony offer specially for Teams users at a very advantageous price. Thanks to ALLOcloud, Teams users can now call and be called by their employees, customers or partners.



teams allocloud - direct routing

Why choose ALLOcloud?

ALLOcloud brings you a lot of advantages compared to other more "traditional" operators.

Thanks to direct routing with ALLOcloud:

• You do not need to invest in a "Session Border Controller".
• You can be reached anywhere in the world
• You benefit from our advantageous prices
• You benefit from a telephone operator available in 13 different countries
• You have the possibility to buy international numbers in more than 60 countries
• You benefit from rapid deployment and very simple management

Add smart telephony features

Teams Users also have access to a variety of smart phone features. These features make life easier for your colleagues and improve their productivity. Among these you will find 5 essential features such as:


 Calendar - Manage your presence by connecting your internal or external iCal calendar (Google Calendar, Office 365, etc.) with your telephony. Enter for example your opening hours.


 Menu - Direct incoming calls to the right contact: “To reach the sales department (on Teams), type 1; To reach the stock department (on ALLOcloud), type 2; etc."


 Virtual Fax - Send a fax by uploading a file or convert an incoming fax to .pdf and send it by email.


 Group - Group different people in one or more call groups (for example, the Sales group, etc.). If a customer calls this group, the selected telephones (landline, mobile, mobile, etc.) of the people present in this group will ring.


 Condition - Direct incoming calls to different scenarios depending on specific conditions (for example: caller's number, caller's company, external data - CRM, ERP, ticketing).

For example

​​​​Imagine that you work in the commercial department and that your client calls you: you first choose to implement the "Calendar" functionality and you enter your opening and closing hours.

If your customers calls during non-business hours, they will be redirected to your voicemail. However, if they calls during business hours, the call will continue on his way. You can then insert a "Menu" (for sales, press 1, for Support, press 2 ...). The call will be instantly routed to the right person.

teams allocloud

Add advanced telephony features

Besides the basic features above, you can go even further with our advanced features.


Connectors - Connect your telephony with more than 250 applications.


 Contact SyncConnect in a click to the business software that contain your contacts. Your contacts will immediately synchronize with your Cloud phone directory and appear on your phone. 

notification d'appel

 Call Notification - Use the Phone Companion, you will be able to receive notifications on your PC and trigger customized actions such as: open the contact detail in your business software, do a search on LinkedIn to visualize the profile of the person who calls you, etc.

Click to call

 Click to Call & Call Notification - Turn any phone number on a web page into a clickable link. When you click on such a number, your phone will automatically call the number you clicked on. 


Contact Syncbrio whise omnicasa

Connect all your devices

Whether you are a Teams User or not, thanks to the ALLOcloud platform, all your devices can now be connected. This allows your colleagues to be reachable within your company. You can also add devices that are not compatible with Teams such as mobile phones (DECT), alarm buttons, speakers, doorbells, etc.

These are then integrated, for example, in your calendar, but also in the selection menus (for administration pressure 1, for workshop pressure 2).


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ALLOcloud - Teams Pricing


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