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ALLOcloud helps the Horeca sector and contact professions

Promotion for the hotel and catering sector and contact professions

Following the governmental decisions about the current sanitary measures in Belgium, ALLOcloud has decided to launch an action to help the hotel and catering sector and the contact professions*.


The promotion includes: 

  • All your users are free every month until reopening

  • Free transfer for all your existing phone numbers 

  • Free box to connect your analog phones


More info on the promo


Advantages of our telephony :

  • Save up to 80% on your telephony invoice.
  • Be reachable on all your devices: fixed phones, Smartphone, PC, etc.
  • Don't miss any more calls: be reachable everywhere (at home, on the road, etc.).
  • Manage your opening and closing hours via a calendar.
  • Be more productive: switch to a simple, modern and smart telephony system.


ALLOcloud being already renowned for its ability to make its customers save money (some save up to 80% on their telephone bill) allows these businesses currently in difficulty to change operator at a lower cost. ALLOcloud commits itself not to invoice the cost of your users until the reopening of your shops. Moreover, you can keep your existing phone numbers and we offer you the transfer of all your numbers for free. 

This promotion does not include the cost of your calls. However, you should know that with ALLOcloud you pay less for your calls than with a traditional telephone operator, so you benefit on this aspect as well.

ALLOcloud's telephony service satisfies its customers thanks to the savings it brings them but it doesn't stop there. Our customers benefit from easy-to-use and modern telephony features that allow them to increase their productivity. To use ALLOcloud's intelligent telephony, you need a digital telephone set. Do you have an analogue telephone set? No problem, we can easily provide you with an ATA, a small device that allows you to transform your analogue telephone sets into digital sets. 



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To take advantage of the promotion or simply to discuss it, click on the link below: 

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