ALLOcloud has recently become telavox !


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RIP Eyepea ;-)

EYEPEA, our first VoIP activity is no more...

Our initial activity was actually called Eyepea (for IP). We were offering on-premise VoIP solutions based on Open-Source software (mainly Asterisk).
The success was immediate and we landed very large projects such as the European Commission, several Ministries, large private companies, many provinces, cities and communes, schools, universities etc. Our technical consultants were flying around the globe to deploy VoIP infrastructures (thank you the early team: Sylvie, Xavier, Antoine, Wim and Ludo!).

At the same time, plenty of smaller companies were approaching us for similar solutions. And the answer was always the same: You're too small for such heavy technology. Buy a Belgacom Forum, Alcatel or Siemens PBX instead...

Then some day in 2013, we decided to address the SMB market by using the same technologies but hosted in the Cloud. We installed a bunch of servers in a datacenter, added multi-tenancy, connected wholesale SIP trunks and started developing a network of Partners to sell into the small company space. In order not to be confusing from a marketing standpoint, we chose a different commercial name: ALLOcloud was born!

In a first phase, we kept both activities in parallel but in 2015, it became obvious that the Cloud business model was much more successful (see below revenue evolution) and we decided to put all focus on ALLOcloud.

Eyepea - ALLOcloud - Stacked


Eyepea - ALLOcloud - Lines

In 2022, we finally decided to definitely close down our website and this is probably the reason you arrived on this web page. Eyepea is not active anymore. The whole company has now shifted from green to blue...

Once again, a BIG thank you to the Eyepea Customers who, in some way, allowed ALLOcloud to be so successful and to be sold to Telavox in June 2021.

Love U guys!

Jacques and Ivan

Jacques Gripekoven - Ivan Gérard