ALLOcloud's telephony and Brio

Combine your professional software Brio with ALLOcloud, the telephony and collaboration service for smart insurance brokers.


ALLOcloud - Brio : A common goalBrio & ALLOcloud

Portima is the IT partner of brokers and insurance companies. Thanks to their 35 years of experience in insurance, they already have 10,500 users and 21 affiliated insurance companies. 

With their management software Brio, they help brokers increase their efficiency and save time. ALLOcloud's goal is also to optimize the productivity of all brokers. With ALLOcloud's telephony solution and Brio management software, insurers are assured of optimizing their time and performance.   



Brio & ALLOcloud


Telephony features for Brio

  • Brio contacts are synchronized with the phone directory
  • Click to call from Brio
  • Notification and identification of caller on incoming call
  • Click to open contact in Brio 




happy customers brio - ALLOcloud

Benefits for End-Users

  • Productivity increase
  • Personalized call handling (Good morning Mr. Smith, I guess you are calling for your recent car accident ...)



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