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Free Safe Meeting


ALLOcloud, one of the European leaders in VoIP Telephony and Collaboration in the Cloud, has made its Web Meeting infrastructure available to companies for free during the Covid crisis. 


Start a free web meeting


1. Start a meeting

  • Click on "Start a Free Web Meeting"
  • Enter your name. If you wish to receive the meeting summary enter your email address
  • Click on "Join the Meeting"


2. Invite other participants

  • Click on "+ Invite others"
  • Write the email addresses of the other participants, separating them with a comma
  • Or simply copy the URL link ( and send it to other participants


3. Choose your devices

  • Go to "Settings" at the top right
  • Click on "Camera and microphone" and then choose your favorite devices


Advanced features

  • Agenda: structure your meeting with the items on the agenda
  • Documents: download and share the documents necessary for discussion with other participants
  • Screensharing: share your screen or just an application window with other participants
  • Whiteboard: use the whiteboard for joint brainstorming. You can draw freehand or use predefined shapes to translate your thoughts into a visual document.
  • Group chat: communicate clearly during meetings, through message exchanges. Send and receive instant messages with the group
  • Reports: take collective notes during your meeting. They will then be sent by email to all participants
  • Private notes: take personal notes during the meeting


Totally secured

Business contact details are not required, nor are any credit cards. No download or registration is required. The solution is published and hosted in Europe and complies with GDPR regulations.

The ALLOcloud Web Meeting allows you to organize secure virtual meetings (audio and video conferences, slideshow, whiteboards, document and screensharing, etc.) from your PC or Smartphone by sending a simple URL to invitees.

The number of meetings is unlimited.




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