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Exact Online and ALLOcloud telephony

Integration between ALLOcloud and Exact Online

Combine your professional software Exact Online with ALLOcloud, the telephony and collaboration service for SMEs.


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ALLOcloud - Exact Online: A common goal

ALLOcloud and Exact Online have established a partnership allowing you to use all the advantages of the ALLOcloud business telephony platform directly from your Exact Online web environment. Launch your calls directly from your Exact Online software, visualize the identity of the caller and open his file in Exact Online before even picking up the phone.

Like Exact Online , ALLOcloud's objective is to optimize the efficiency of all SMEs. With ALLOcloud's telephony solution and Exact Online's management software, SMEs are guaranteed to optimize their time and performance.




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Exact Online

Exact specializes in automating repetitive tasks to save you time and is the market leader in financial and business software. By using technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, the internet of things and big data, Exact provides detailed insight into your business figures.


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ALLOcloud telephony 

ALLOcloud is a professional VoIP telephony service for SMEs.

Because our telephony platform is in the cloud, we bring you fixed and mobile telephony on all your devices (landline, PC smartphone, tablet), wherever you are (office, telecommuting, on the road) and whenever you want (opening hours, closing hours, call forwarding). Thanks to VoIP technology, which routes your calls via an Internet connection, you have access to advanced telephony features that greatly improve the productivity of your teams and communication with your contacts.

It also allows for significant cost savings, with some of our customers achieving savings of up to 80% on their telephone bills.


ALLOcloud features in Exact Online

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1) Contact synchronization

Exact Online's contacts are synchronized with your company's phone book. You have access to these contacts on your landline phone book, on your smartphone app and on your computer via your user portal.


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2) Click-to-call directly from Exact Online

In your Exact Online interface, click with your mouse on any number, pick up your phone and the call will be directly launched. With this very efficient feature, you don't even need to dial a number on your landline phone, one click is enough to call.


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3) Call notifications

Is your phone ringing? Even before you pick up the phone, a notification appears on your PC with information about the person calling you (name of the caller, number, company name, etc.). The information that appears comes from your Exact Online software. You can now identify the caller on an incoming call in the blink of an eye, even before you pick up. This feature delights our customers because they can handle their calls in a personalized way "Hello Mr Smith, ..."


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4) Click to open the customer file in Exact Online

When a customer calls you, a notification appears on your PC. You can also decide to activate "buttons" on this notification. Click on a button, for example, to open the caller's file in Exact Online in a second. This feature allows you to be even closer to your customers and have their files in front of you before you even pick up the phone (Hello Mr Smith, I assume you are calling about ...)




5) Account manager synchronization

The account managers in your Exact Online software can also be synchronized in your phone book. This additional synchronization allows you to redirect your calls more efficiently. For example, if one of your contacts who is assigned to an account manager in Exact Online calls the general number of your company, the call is automatically transferred to the account manager in charge of this contact.



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