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The best VoIP telephony solution in Belgium

Upgrade your company's telephony in a cost-effective way

Looking for a simple and effective business telephony solution for your company in Belgium? You are in the right place. We are a VoIP telephony operator in Belgium and we offer a modern and flexible telephony system to suit the needs of your organization, SME or start-up. 

Our offer: VoIP telephony that integrates with your work environment in a simple and cost-effective way

Our Business Telephony solution is perfect for any type of company in Belgium. More than one thousand Belgian organizations have already come to rely on us as their VoIP telephony operator. 

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Smart VoIP telephony that is getting even smarter...

With ALLOcloud you can access a wide range of basic functionalities: call forwarding to a colleague, on-hold music or message if someone calls you and all the lines are busy, IVR menu (press 1 for sales, 2 for support, etc.), possibility of call recording and creating groups (whereby if someone calls this number, the phones of all members of this group will ring, either at the same time, or sequentially one after the other if the first person does not answer and so on until the call is answered). Every functionality is simple, easy to use and increases the productivity of your team. 

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... But we can go even further!

We also offer more advanced functionalities (included in the price) that will allow your company to integrate telephony into your work environment. With ALLOcloud's VoIP telephony, your telephone and PC can now communicate. You can click on any telephone number on your computer and your telephone will automatically call this number. You no longer need to dial the number of the person you are trying to reach saving you so much time! Your PC can also display a notification when you receive a call (see image below). This notification contains information on the person calling you (first name, last name, company, telephone number, etc.).  

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Connect your VoIP telephony with your favorite tools

Our telephony is also connected with more than 250 business software tools widely used by companies in Belgium (CRM, ERP, ticketing tools, etc.). For example, ALLOcloud is integrated with Odoo, Teamleader, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, Exact, Pipedrive, Zendesk, Google Contacts, Office 365,, Sellsy, Freshdesk, etc. Connect now with your favorite software tools! 

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VoIP telephony that understands the needs of companies in Belgium

ALLOcloud prides itself on being close to its customers and understanding their needs. For five years now, we have been constantly analyzing the Belgian market in order to understand you better and best meet your needs. Despite Belgium’s relatively small size, every company has different needs. We have therefore analyzed the various different sectors (insurance companies, schools, rest homes, real estate, tourist industry, restaurants, start-ups, SMEs, etc.) and we are striving to deliver added value to every sector through the functionalities available, the integrations we offer and even our range of terminals. ! 

We also have a support team who is available round the clock. Your satisfaction is our priority! 


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