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Zoho Desk - ALLOcloud integration

Combine your professional software Zoho Desk with ALLOcloud, the telephony and collaboration service for smart insurance brokers.


ALLOcloud - Zoho Desk: a common goal

zohoZoho Desk is an online help desk software that enables efficient management of customer support activities. Zoho Desk makes it easy to assign, track and configure alerts on help desk tickets. It can be customized for business and ensure satisfaction in customer support experience.

ALLOcloud and Zoho Desk have established a Partnership allowing you to use all the benefits of the ALLOcloud Business Telephony platform directly from your web-based Zoho Desk environment. Launch your calls directly from your Zoho Desk software, view the identity of the caller and open his/her card in Zoho Desk even before you pick up the phone.

In short, increase your productivity and the satisfaction of your customers. In addition, you can create sophisticated scenarios with just a few clicks to turn your telephony into a super-intelligent communication channel! Indeed, your telephony can access data from your professional software Zoho Desk to better redirect the call.

For example: when a customer who has late payments calls, he is automatically redirected to the accounting department.



Telephony features for Zoho Desk

  • Zoho Desk contacts are synchronized with the phone directory
  • Click to call from Zoho Desk 
  • Notification and identification of caller on incoming call
  • Configurable actions on incoming call (open Zoho Desk contact, open ticket, open new lead etc.)
  • Toolkit for Zoho Desk developers to do their own integrations






Benefits for End-Users

  • Productivity increase
  • Personalized call handling (Good morning Mr. Smith, I guess you are calling for ...)






Benefits for Zoho Desk Partners

  • Become an ALLOcloud Partner and sell even more value to you Zoho Desk customers
  • Generate incremental recurring business
  • Build your own telephony integrations
  • Differentiate from your competitors




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