Teleworking becomes easy with ALLOcloud

The Coronavirus crisis requires a reduction in physical contact between individuals, a minimum of group travel and sometimes even the isolation of certain people. Increasingly, organizations are asking their employees to telecommute. However, very few companies are properly equipped so that employees can continue to work efficiently from a distance.

ALLOcloud, one of the European leaders in VoIP Telephony and Collaboration in the Cloud, has therefore decided to help these companies.

The ideal professional telephony solution for teleworking

How is teleworking made easier, compared to a traditional telephony solution?

Our core business is professional telephony in the Cloud. Our "Business Telephony" service replaces your traditional telephone lines and your telephone exchange with a VoIP platform in the Cloud.

ALLOcloud telephony allows your company to have a total mobility. As phone calls go through an Internet connection, your physical location no longer matters. As soon as you have an Internet connection (computer network, wifi, 4G), you are virtually connected to your Cloud telephone exchange. You can therefore be reached at the office, at home or on the go.

In addition, you can install an App on your PC, tablet or Smartphone that turns all your devices into a phone. You can therefore (if you wish) be reachable everywhere and on all your devices.



This service also includes advanced telephony features that improve the productivity of your teams and communication with your contacts. It also allows significant savings to be made.

Thanks to its numerous integrations, you can also connect your telephony with your favorite professional software (CRM, ERP, etc.).

This service also includes the Light version of the Web Meeting service for free, which allows you to hold virtual meetings in 1 click with your colleagues, partners or teleworkers wherever you are!


Our promo during the coronavirus crisis

ALLOcloud understands the urgency of certain companies to find a solution for their teleworkers and offers you ALLOcloud telephony with the following advantages:

  • no contractual duration obligation
  • transfer of numbers to ALLOcloud is free (you can of course keep your current numbers)

We are committed to ensuring that the transition from your former operator to ALLOcloud is very fast. Enter your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Our collaboration tools that facilitate the communication of teleworkers

The ALLOcloud Web Meeting service allows you to make secure virtual meetings (audio and video conferences, presentations, whiteboards, document sharing, screensharing, etc.) from your PC or Smartphone by sending a simple URL to people invited. The number of meetings is unlimited.

outil de collaboartion

For the duration of the Coronavirus crisis, we are making our virtual meeting platform available to businesses for free. Business contact details are not required, nor are any credit cards. ALLOcloud undertakes not to recontact users at the end of the Coronavirus crisis.

The number of meetings is unlimited and each one lasts a maximum of 30 minutes.

free web meeting